Sound Therapy

Sound therapy makes a distinction between hearing and listening. We hear only through our ears whereas we listen through our ears in conjunction with our skin, our bones, our sense of touch, and the cells of our body. People who can hear sounds may not be able to take in the full spectrum of these sounds. As a consequence they might find it difficult to listen fully. This happens when muscles are not working properly. We must hear sound correctly to be able to process what is being said. The quality of an individual's listening ability will affect the quality of their spoken and written language development, which in turn affects the pleasure and satisfaction they can achieve in communication with others.


Tomatis is a sound therapy program that uses an electronic device which filters sounds to enhance the uppermost missing frequencies. In addition, the program uses bone-conducting headphones to transmit the frequencies directly to the bones of the ear. The goal is to tonify the muscles of the middle ear in order to sensitize the listener to the missing frequencies. Tomatis has been used to treat auditory processing problems, dyslexia, learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, autism, sensory processing issues and motor-skill difficulties

SAMONAS ( Spectrally Activated Music of Optimal Natural Structure)

Samonas Sound Therapy is an individualized auditory intervention program that uses music, voice and nature sounds to re-map and restore the brain's ability to process sound.  This method combines the movement of the muscles in the ear and the use of controlled, filtered sound to the brain to heighten listening skills and auditory processing.

Therapeutic Listening: Listening With Your Whole Body®

Therapeutic Listening is an individualized, music based tool designed for people of all ages who have difficulty with processing sensory information, listening, attention, and communication. Recorded music is altered to exaggerate the sounds that naturally capture attention and tap into the parts of the brain involved in regulating bodily functions, relating to others, and organizing behavior.


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