Services Provided

We provide services for both children and adults. Our services are often part of a team approach to intervention that involves the support of the individual physically, mentally, emotionally and intellectually. As such, we offer the following services at our office:


Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists assess each child’s sensory processing, self-regulation, motor coordination, physical, neurological, social, and educational skills. They use this information to design holistic and individualized therapeutic programs to help the child succeed in the ‘occupations' of childhood: school, play and self-help skills. Learn more about occupational therapy.


Occupational therapists conduct evaluations to determine and recommend needs for intervention. Evaluations take into account health and family history, pre- and post-natal development, physical and sensory development, sensory processing, and motor skills altogether with the social aspects of development. Clinicians also take into account feedback from teachers, social workers or other involved adults that may offer insight into the individual's needs.

Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and language therapy focuses on helping children communicate more effectively. Therapists address a range of issues such as late talking, delayed/disordered communication skills, pragmatic language deficits, articulation delays or disorders, and oral or written expressive language delays. The goal is to improve the child’s ability to comprehend others and express him or herself, so that they might engage and communicate more effectively.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy focuses on physical rehabilitation. This may include addressing such issues as: gross motor development, fine motor development, developmental delays, genetic disorders, neuro-muscular conditions, and/or orthopedic disorders. Services include: rehabilitation exercise, traction, joint mobilization, and fitting orthodics.

Parent Training

A cornerstone of our program is parent training. We offer both structured and informal parent training. Our team works closely with families to create effective home programs to reinforce skills learned during therapy. Additionally we provide services to help parents set-up therapeutic spaces in their home. Structured parent trainings include regularly scheduled parent groups that discuss topics such as: schooling, discipline, regulation, modulation, etc. We offer parent groups for both English and Spanish speakers.

Services For Teens and Beyond

For individuals struggling with cognitive, physical, or emotional challenges the adolescent and adult years pose a specifically difficult time. The components associated with these years are complex and subtle: navigating social roles and relationships (within friendships and within the larger community), managing health, responding to increased emotional challenges, managing money and home skills, self-care skills, workforce skills, stress management, balancing leisure activities, growing self-esteem and maintaining a positive self-image.  Occupational therapy for teens and beyond aims to help adolescents and adults reach their highest potential independent living in the activities of daily life associated with adulthood.

DIRFloortime® Players

Many children and families need extra time working within the DIRFloortime® model.  ITTS for children has identified DIRFloortime® players that can work with your child at our office. All our players are certified through the Interdisciplinary Council on Development and Learning (ICDL). Parents and caregivers are meant to be a part of these sessions. This allows the family to develop DIRFloortime® skills that can be transferred into the home environment. Learn more about the DIRFloortime® model.

Sound therapy

Sound therapy uses sound vibration to turn on parts of the brain that have previously been under-active, increasing one's ability to process and respond to the total environment appropriately. Sound therapy can be used to address a variety of disorders, including ADHD, anxiety disorders, dyspraxia, motor coordination issues, autism spectrum disorders and many other conditions. Learn more about sound therapy.

Student Training

As part of our services, we train students from a variety of universities who are either entering the field of occupational therapy or completing their training in occupational therapy. We train students from colleges including: Boston University, Louisiana State University, Washington University, Nova University, Georgia State University and Brenau University.


We offer consultation with agencies, schools and institutions that require professional assistance. To see a full list of groups to whom we have previously offered consultation, please contact us at: